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need work

2009-08-30 01:27:33 by FLYINGTANKZ

ok well heres the thing i need work on here to do
my comics and art were a bust and the only thing left that i have is voice acting
but no one will "hire" me
im hoping maybe kirbopher or illwillpress will help me out in this but theres a little to none chance that will happen so...if u need a voice actor im here i guess


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2009-08-30 02:48:16

Well, I know how that feels,Kirbopher is my NG idol too, and my friend, I've got good news bad news,then some more good news. I know how you feel and remember feeling that way,so I can relate,luckily yout talking to a guy who was very lucky. Now,I'm just a writer (And a voice) And have found everything required tto make a flash,and as I said,I feel what u r feeling,so I ask you, "Do yo want to be a voice in my flash" You may not accept but pls just read the next part. Although,I cannot get Kirbopher (That was the bad news) I've managed to get my hands on (Not literaly) both Psyguy and Rina-Chan. I hope you accept, and this furthers your NG career.

-betteratbrawl7777 :)


2009-08-30 02:49:28

BTW please PM me if you accept,for I will probably not visit this page again until we are mor aquainted.


2009-09-02 03:04:45

I think you might need a bit of practice and a better mic before you can get some work bro, but keep at it!


thanks for the positivity man but

yay for me i got teh work

im in a new series that involves rina chan and psyguy



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