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2009-03-30 21:33:41 by FLYINGTANKZ

OK so heres the deal i am a kid who did pivot 4 youtube but got bored w/ that life so now im here hoping to do some voice acting comics art etc but im a n00b so i dont knowanyone except kirbopher and his gang cuz i watch his movies but it can get hard because im caught up w/ work at school but if anyone wants me to do a drawring or comic just give me a topic and the event and i guess thats it
overall im a nice guy i dont blam what doesnt deserve to be blammed i rate good stuff usually but u dont want to get me pissed of i have a dad whos a war veteran (in iraq) and so yea thats all for now

1st post


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2009-03-30 21:37:58

Uh, you don't have a single blam.



exactly i havent seen anything needed to be blammed yet why u want me to blam somthing?


2009-03-30 21:45:18

Meant to say "blam/protect".

Since you're interested in voting on flashes, you should go to the Flash Portal and vote on flash that are under judgment, so you can rack up blams and saves and boost your rank. Most stuff (I'd say about two-thirds) of under judgment flashes deserved to be blammed, though.


ok cool thnx